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Ansari Sugar Mills Limited ('the Company') was incorporated in Pakistan on July 09, 1989 as a Public Limited Company and its shares are quoted in Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges.

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Ansari Sugar Mills

To make a product of International Standard acceptable as a brand in the world market. To explore business opportunities available under the World tarde Organization regime.

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The principal business of Ansari Sugar Mills is manufacture and sale of white sugar.


Sugar cane is harvested by chopping down the stems but leaving the roots so that it re-grows in time for next crop. The cane is then taken to the factory.


The first stage of processing is the extraction of the cane juice. The sweet juice comes gushing out and the cane fibre is then carried away for use in the boilers.


The factory can clean up the juice quite easily with slaked lime (a relative of chalk) which settles out a lot of the dirt so that it can be sent back to the fields.


The final raw sugar forms a sticky brown mountain in the store and looks rather like the soft brown sugar found in domestic kitchens. It is then refined before usage.


Financial statements are a collection of reports about an organization's financial results, financial condition, and cash flows. The financial statements should be formatted in accordance with one of the major accounting frameworks. They are useful for the following reasons:

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  • To determine the ability of a business to generate cash.
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  • To track financial results on a trend line to spot any looming profitability issues.



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